Meltdown, Spectre chip architecture flaws affect computers, smartphones and tablets we interact with on a daily basis.


The hardware issues have been repaired via software updates. But it caused unwanted temporary issues like unexpected boots.

It also led to permanent issue like drop in performance of computer.

In the future, new chips should come with hardware changes that would prevent Meltdown and Spectre like attacks.

That’s what we were led to believe. Recently researchers have discovered new attack path.

It will take advantage of the meltdown and Spectre machines and may be replicated on computers of the future.

It becomes visible that hardware fixes might not be possible.

A new research paper from Princeton University which describes that MeltdownPrime and SpectrePrime derive from the original flaws.

This research paper titled as Automatically Synthesized Attacks Exploiting Invalidation Based Coherence Protocols.

The researchers developed a tool to explore how else cyber criminals could take advantage of the CPU flaws.

The Princeton team found out ways to extract sensitive information out of computers. It includes password and other secrete data.

The current software can block the new prime vulnerabilities as well.

Meltdown is the more serious exploit and the one that operating systems are rushing to fix.

It breaks the most fundamental isolation between user applications and the operating system.

Future changes to hardware might not be enough to permanently neutralize the use.

Meltdown and Spectre take advantage of the processor design characteristics to get access to confidential data like passwords.

It is easy to find out computer cache memory information. It becomes very easy to access processor private data quickly.

The software patches Intel and other chipmakers are rolling out are enough to protect against the newly discovered techniques.

Those patches might slow down systems a bit.