Ultra-processed foods may be associated with a higher risk of cancer. French researchers revealed that people who eat highly processed foods have a higher risk of cancer.


They classified processed snacks, drinks, desserts as well as cakes, mass-produced bread, and chicken nuggets as “ultra-processed.”

However, most food is processed to several degrees, but ultra-processed foods are typically much more calorie, sugar-packed, and sodium.

The research study looked at 150,000 French adults, and they found that if the proportion of ultra-processed food in the diet increased by 10%, then the risk of cancer increased by 12%.

Research has already discovered that people who live on ultra-processed food likely to be overweight and more obese. They also tend to have diabetes or heart and circulation problems, according to a study. Consuming highly-processed meat also increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

Study author Mathilde Touvier, an investigator at the Sorbonne Paris Cité Epidemiology and Statistics Research Center says industrial formulations contain many ingredients and some of them are unknown to common people. This research is the first to find the ultra-processed foods and cancer.

McCullough strategic director of nutritional epidemiology at the American Cancer Society said, “This study doesn’t mean that people should think ‘if I eat this cracker, I’m going to get cancer,’” “The overriding message of this study was really to look at an overall diet pattern rather than a specific ingredient, and it supports a lot of what we already know.”

According to Touvier, people should note that a balanced and diversified diet is one of the most important public health priorities as ultra-processed foods may be associated with a higher risk of cancer.