Ultra-processed foods lead to certain cancer risks, according to the new research disclosed in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday that exposes poor health of the foods.

Researchers say that such types of foods contain a list of ingredients with unpronounceable and unrecognizable names, which sometimes includes various candies that turn tongue red, blue, and canned soups sounding healthier wrapped in to artificial additives, emulsifiers or flavors. Most of the foods are highly processed at some degrees, while ultra-processed foods are generally packed with higher amount of sugar, sodium and calories.

Ultra-processed foods lead to certain cancer risks

Tom Sanders Emeritus Professor of Nautrition & Dietetics at Kings College London and scientific governor at the British Nutrition Foundation said in a statement that, “What people eat is an expression of their lifestyle in general and may not be causatively linked to the risk of cancer. So it is necessary to rule out what are called confounding factors.”

People who consume much additional ultra-processed foods are more likely to develop higher risk of overweight or obesity. Study has also indicated that those people may also diagnose with diabetes, circulation and heart problems. In addition, the processed meat such as hot dogs if eaten a lot can be linked to the higher chances of colorectal cancer.

Strategic Director of Nutritional Epidemiology, Dr. Marji McCullough from American Cancer Society stated that, “This study doesn’t mean that people should think ‘if I eat this cracker, I’m going to get cancer. The overriding message of this study was really to look at an overall diet pattern rather than a specific ingredient, and it supports a lot of what we already know.”