Blood test detects concussions related brain damage more quickly. The test called the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator.


This blood test can eliminate need of CT scans in which number of people exposed to radiation.

The United States Food and Drug Administration approved blood test to detect concussions in people and more quickly identify those with possible brain injuries.

Symptoms can occur at different times and also vary from person to person, these are the challenges of diagnosis concussions.

Jeffrey Shuren, director of the Food and Drug Administration medical device division said that a blood test to aid in concussions evaluation is an important tool for the American public and for our service members abroad.

Jeffrey Shuren said that this test is very helpful, who need access to quick and accurate tests.

The test measures the levels of proteins known as UCH-L1 and GFAP.

These proteins are released from the brain into blood and measured within 12 hours of the head injury.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the test for use in adults only. But Henry Nordhoff makes a device.

Mr. Nordhoff said by using this device it will be easy for physicians to evaluate children for concussions. The company plans to soon start a clinical trial evaluating injured children, .

While that would initially be an off label use, the company plans to start a clinical trial evaluating injured children soon, Mr. Nordhoff said.

Blood test to diagnose concussions quickly will be welcomed in the medical and sports worlds.