Israel instigates pocket size gadget testing for heart attacks as a report from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the premature caution signs of heart attack found that around 47% of instantaneous cardiac deaths take place away from the hospital. This indicates that a majority of people with heart disease do not act swiftly on premature caution signs.

A manifestation of heart attack is a scary affair and getting it treated in US could run into tens of thousands of dollars. The vital factor is that if the heart attack goes unnoticed for a long time it means the injury to the victim’s heart will be more.

Dr. Chaim Lotan, director of the Heart Institute and Cardiovascular Division at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem said that if the artery can be opened early a lot of muscles could be saved. But an invention of a new gadget to measure heart attack has been developed in Israel. The process is uncomplicated, quicker and cheaper. This innovation is the creation of Emil Katz, founder and CEO of Novamed, a life sciences company that manufactures medical products who was taken aback at how swiftly some of his friends suddenly expired because of heart attack.

Katz also said that some of them possessed manifestation that remained one two or three days. However those manifestations were neglected by them as they were not strong enough, let us wait and watch. Then he started going through the statistics about the number of expiries prior to getting medical aid, and it was shocking. One has to take some steps.