Before the new alleged iPhone 7 launch, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is facing a severe issue related to its old model smartphones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The popular gadget-repairing tools firm iFixit has named it as Touch Disease.iphone-6-plus-touch-disease

iPhones with Touch Disease would stop responding to touches by users and an array of gray lines appear on top of the screen. It’s been reported that the 90 percent of Touch Disease complaints raised by the large iPhone 6 Plus device.

Experts linked the design flaw of the handset to this issue. To be precise, the iPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate issue could be the main culprit here.

How Bendgate is linked to Touch Disease?

When Apple launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the latter one has stuck itself in a widespread #Bendgate, where the devices reportedly bends when kept in tight pockets such as back pockets. The pressure from the tight pockets caused the device bend a bit and that is visible to the naked eye.

According to iFixit, the touch sensor and display controller present in the logic board is responsible for the Touch Disease. In iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple hasn’t added any kind of glue or adhesive material between the controller chip and logic board, and when the device bends the chip would misplace itself from the socket.

iPad Rehab’s Jessa Jones said:

“Nearly 90 percent of devices with Touch IC Disease are iPhone 6 Pluses. This is a signature failure. Every phone has one, but this one is a signature failure that got to epic proportions.”

Meanwhile, Apple Inc has refused to acknowledge about this problem and hasn’t announced any kind of replacements or free repair service for Touch Disease infected devices despite having over 70 pages of user-complaints in it’s Apple Support Forum. Looking at the seriousness of this widespread issue, Apple would announce the warranty extension to repair the device soon.

In the past, when MacBook’s had some serious issues complained by users, the company was forced to extend its warranty program and repair MacBooks free of cost. Even, when iPhone 4’s Antennagate issue occurred, Apple Inc extended the warranty of iPhone 4 to repair it free of cost. If the user-complaints’ number grows, Apple will be forced to find a solution to resolve Touch IC Disease as well.

Meanwhile, if you have iPhone 6 Plus and you haven’t faced this issue yet, it would be better you keep it away from any chances of physical damage, which is the main cause of the problem. We recommend you to use a sturdy case to avoid any kind of bending or other form of damages.

If you are facing the Touch Disease with gray bars on top of your phone screen, it requires to replace the touch controller chip on the logic board, which could be done by a professional technician. It’s not as simple as replacing a cracked screen, so beware of some local non-pro iPhone fixers.