Amazon wants to be leading provider of medical products to hospitals and outpatient clinics around the country. The company is looking to expand its medical supply business to become a major supplier for hospitals and clinics. It looks like the company is taking efforts to enter the health-care industry.


Amazon Business has already taken meetings with executives from the U.S. hospitals at its Seattle headquarters and the conference at the end of January, according to a report. Amazon Business is hosting these meetings to discuss various opportunities with hospital executives and collect their opinions about the new entering.

The goal is to turn Amazon Business into an online store that will supply medical equipment to hospitals for their outpatient clinics, operating rooms and emergency rooms.

According to a report, Amazon is currently testing a program with a large Midwestern hospital system which is using the Amazon Business to order medical products for its 150 outpatient facilities.

Late last month, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced they were partnering to form an independent healthcare company. They unveiled that they are making efforts to address healthcare for their U.S. employees, and their goal is to reduce the costs and improve customer satisfaction. Now, Amazon wants to be a leading provider of medical products to hospitals and their targets look like a smart move.

“Our goal is to be something new,” said, Chris Holt, leader of Global Healthcare at Amazon Business. “We’ve been actively building out new capabilities and features,” Holt added.