Amazon is working on a custom AI chip to improve Alexa. According to a report, Amazon is designing its own processing chip that would power Alexa-powered devices and improve the quality and response time of its voice assistant.


It looks like Amazon is following the same path taken before by rivals Apple and Google. They have developed and deployed custom AI hardware that improved the quality and response time of Siri and Google Assistant.

With this new hardware implementation, it seems like Amazon wants to bring Alexa better than the running competition.

The publication revealed in its report, “The chip should allow Alexa-powered devices to respond more quickly to commands, by allowing more data processing to be handled on the device than in the cloud.”

Additionally, the company will also build s AI blueprint on more products and services from which Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be one candidate. For now, processing of AWS is going on and while looking at further development, AWS will soon benefit from AI-related feature bumps.

In 2015, the e-commerce firm acquired chip designer Annapurna Labs by spending hundreds of millions. The moves indicate that Amazon may be introducing its own proprietary chips for advancing its own AI knowledge base.

While Amazon is producing its own A.I. chip, the news poses a risk to companies like Nvidia and Intel. Both companies have shifted much of their expertise to AI and both make money by designing and developing processing chips for companies like Amazon, Apple, and others.