Scotland confronts alcohol crisis as it will be the premiere country to levy rock bottom prices on booze when a new law commences with effect on May 1. This step targets at saving life by dispensing with first minister Nicola Sturgeon has vociferated nation’s detrimental relationship with alcohol.

More than half of the Scottish population reported drinking at perilous and risky levels in 2016 and there were 1,265 alcohol associated deaths announced that year, up 10 percent from 2015. Happy hour publicity was prohibited in 2009, but now representatives resolutely to be handled with the public health crisis and making targets at cheap drinks and multi pack deals in stores and supermarkets. Peter Rice, chair of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, an advisory group established by Scottish medical professionals said that drinking has been associated with Scotland since a long time. It is a part of the history and culture just comparable to weather and soil. The proof displayed that alcohol associated diseases and expiries were at an increase compared to any other part of the world and this persuaded politicians that things require to undergo alterations.

Alcohol intake of Scottish people is the highest in the world according to World Health Organization data; in total Scots consumed equal to 13 liters of pure alcohol a year about 40 percent more than Americans. The Scottish government perceived when it first desired the alteration. But there is no proof that a major part of the Scottish population, their association with alcohol is mangled and detrimental.