Intel launches Vaunt smart glasses, a genius wearable device that comprises multiple features intended to avoid the lobbed ridicule by previous effort of the company. Most of the crucial parts of these glasses are made up of the left out materials.

For now, Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses do not consist of camera, push button, gesture swiping area, bright LCD screen, floating arms, speakers and microphones, whereas the smart glasses just look like normal eyeglasses, from its outside appearance. But, after wearing them, a stream of data will be seen on the screen-like glasses, which is actually made projected on the retinas of the person wearing the glasses.

Itai Vonshak, General Manager and Vice President of New Devices Group said in a statement that, “When we look at what types of new devices are out there, [we are] really excited about head-worn [products]. Head-worn products are hard because people assign a lot of attributes to putting something on their head. It means something about their personality.”


Vonshak added to the statement that, “We wanted to make sure somebody puts this on and gets value without any of the negative impact of technology on their head. Everything from the ground up is designed to make the technology disappear.”

Moreover, the Vaunt smart glasses technology will comprise Bluetooth for connecting smartphone such as iPhone and Android phones accompanied with an accelerometer, compass as well as application processor compressed into the device.

New Devices Group also informed that the device doesn’t make any noise or vibration when a new notification pops up, rather the person wearing the glasses will get to find something notified on what appears like screen, despite being noticeable to other people around the person, allegedly.