Google Home smart speaker helps wake up in the morning by a song of users’ choice. Google has just announced a couple of quality updates in the Google Home smart speaker, one of which was already introduced in Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa in December.

Using a voice command, Google Home smart speaker with its digital assistant can be controlled by adding entries in the calendar and setting an alarm. In earlier days, Google was just able to wake people up with set alarm at their designated time by beeping a standard alarm.


Users just need to speak to their Google Home smart speaker as ‘Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 am, which plays [favorite music]’. The new features have been started from Wednesday that include much more like easier searching for TV shows from users’ choice list.

For example, to search for ‘The Flash’, users just required to say like ‘Hey Google, when does The Flash air next’ or ‘Hey Google, what channel airs The Flash’. Google Assistant will provide the information right then, according to the statement of Lilian Rincon, Google Assistant Product Management Director in a blog post.

Google have also worked with Netflix closely to make the casting experience of users more personal. For the same, firstly the users have to link their Netflix profile in Google Home app or through Google Assistant to their phone. And then just select their Netflix profile and do the search for what they want to watch.