Scarce lunar induces super blue blood moon and makes the event as the most spectacular glimpse, by combining a super moon and a blue moon with a total eclipse. The outstanding crimson moon can be caught by many regions across the earth on Wednesday.

The scene has been coined by NASA as the ‘super blue blood moon’, which will dignify the pre-dawn skies over western United States. The moon will be crossing through the Earth’s shadow and turning in to blood red hue.


Lunar expert, Gordon Johnston from NASA told that, “Weather permitting, the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii will have a spectacular view of totality from start to finish.” while, more other regions of the globe such as Asia, Australia will be able to catch the pleasant vista at night, when the moon will visit the west.

American magazine, Sky and Telescope said that, “The last time a complete lunar cover-up took place on the second full Moon of the month was December 30, 1982, at least as reckoned by local time in Europe, Africa, and western Asia—locations where the event could be seen. The last blue moon total lunar eclipse visible from the US and North America happened on March 31, 1866.”

The moon is known as the super blue blood moon because it is lying within its elliptic orbit nearby its most adjacent point to the Earth. The perigee causes moon to be appeared as 14 per cent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the normal one.