Nurses from five Allina Health hospitals declared an open-ended strike that will begin from 7 AM on Labor Day to protest against and get their terms in the nurses’ health insurance plan. The Minnesota Nurses Association, which portray nearly 5000 nurses, expressed their strategy on Friday morning in a notice delivered to Allina Health System. nurses strikes

The strike is in adverse to the talk, on Tuesday over a three-year contract, which began in February, got violated. Allina wants to convey the same health insurance plan to the nurses as it does to other employees to save close to $10 million in a year. But it will cost them more, said nurses.

Executive Director of MNA, Rose Roach, informed, since the Tuesday talk went away from the nurses’ yard, they were required to take strong steps to get their deal done. Nurses have sent a 10 day notice to Allina Health informing about the strike and providing a moderate number of days so they can arrange and set up needs for patients. Nurses will be off duty to earn an adequate contract from Allina Health System.

In a statement released on Friday morning by Allina Health, it appeared that a mid road can be built. Also, in the statement Allina Health accused the union for not working to search a solution. Their actions do a detriment to other employees and patients. It criticized the nurses for walking off from their duty. The statement also contains a line saying ‘we hope it doesn’t come to that,’ which symbolizes that Allina Health is trying to prepare a good and equalized contract this time. A part from the statement released by Allina Health states:

Allina Health continues to offer a fair compromise by agreeing to retain the two most popular nurse-only health insurance plans for existing nurses, while capping the ongoing cost increases of those plans for Allina Health. We believe this compromise can form the basis of a settlement if the union will come to the table ready to discuss it.

Moving back to the June month, the nurses went on a week strike to protest against the same.