Intel notified Chinese companies about security flaws in its processor chips, according to some sources. The report also claims that initially, Intel told some of its customers about processor vulnerabilities, but not the US government.


Some of the companies Intel notified included Alibaba and Lenovo. An Intel spokesman didn’t reveal details about the warnings but stated that the company couldn’t notify everyone due to the earlier revealed of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Alibaba’s cloud unit’s spokeswoman suggested that the company shared information with the Chinese government was “speculative and baseless.”

The Lenovo Group, a Chinese computer maker said Intel’s information was protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Security flaws’ news came on Jan. 3, just a few days before Intel planned to officially announce the chip flaw discovery.

Intel’s report of providing an early warning is a part of its damage control strategy and the company aimed to protect its customers by notifying them so that they could solve issues before the news became public.

Big names like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon received advanced warnings. 

An Intel spokesperson said, “The Google Project Zero team and impacted vendors, including Intel, followed best practices of the responsible and coordinated disclosure.”

The firms were ready relatively quickly as a result of the early warning.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that they have committed to keeping their customers and owners appraised of their progress and, through their actions. Security is a top priority of Intel. Intel’s focus is to provide high-quality mitigations to protect its customers’ infrastructure. The company is working to perform some changes to address threats like the Spectre and Meltdown.