A 12-year-old boy died from the flu Tuesday, according to his family. A young boy in West Palm Beach was previously healthy and died after a brief fight with the flu.


Dylan Christopher Winnik, was sick with a cold for about two days, his family reported. When Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department responded to Dylan Winnik’s father’s home, the seventh-grader at Okeeheelee Middle School was already dead.

Mike Medwin, the boy’s mother’s partner said that he had a cold but didn’t appear to have serious symptoms and this year he had not gotten a flu shot.

Medwin said, “Please implore other parents to not take the flu lightly whatsoever.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family pay for Dylan’s funeral and memorial expenses.

In Palm Beach County, the young boy’s death is this year’s first reported flu-related death. Sheriff’s authorities said that an autopsy will be held to discover his cause of death.

Medwin said that the boy was highly intelligent, surprisingly funny, and always full of life busy with his two brothers.

“He was and will always be greatly loved by countless family and friends,” the page says. “There is nothing that can ever explain the loss of a beautiful child at such an early age,” Medwin added.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled that the flu has been affecting country’s every state except Hawai.  It has killed at least 30 children of which 10 children were killed by the flu between Jan. 7 and 10.