Space viruses may help trace aliens, says a new research. A team of scientists performed a study, which shows that many other unknown planets could be been teaming with Earth’s most plentiful organisms, viruses which are nearly 10 to 100 times more abundant than anything else on our planet. While, they are one of the minimal understood.


Viruses are often supposed to have contributed in forming a life on the Earth. According to the new research, it could be a key component in the hunt of alien life on other planets around the Earth. However, there are no findings obtained at this time to show if or how viruses might live outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

A biology professor, Ken Stedman from the Portland State University stated that, “More than a century has passed since the discovery of the first viruses. Entering the second century of virology, we can finally start focusing beyond our own planet. Viruses have a bad rap. If we find viruses on other planets it is an indication of life, not something to be scared of.”

A report has been written by Ken Stedman Space viruses along with his colleague, suggesting NASA to start an observation for samples of viruses from Jupiter and Saturn’s moons. They also have published an article in Astrobiology’s February issue, which titles as ‘Astrovirology: Viruses at Large in the Universe’.

The team said in a statement that, “There is also considerable indirect evidence that viruses are incredibly ancient. But no direct evidence is found, so we have been working on virus fossilization/preservation in the fossil record.”