Android Oreo owners can now see WiFi network speeds before they connect. Google is rolling out a new “Speed Label” feature that measures the speed of WiFi networks before you connect. Now, Android device owners connected to public Wi-Fi spots can see how fast the Wi-Fi connection is.


The company noted that this feature specifically only supports Android 8.1 (Oreo), so therefore device owners will need to be running this version of Android. Initially, this feature was announced by the company at the start of December last year, but the availability of the feature didn’t start at the same time.

Free public Wi-Fi is becoming popular and sometimes dangerous. All Wi-Fi hotspots work differently, some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain horrible. Therefore, Google is providing a new “Speed Label” on the Wi-Fi list for Android owners that will let you decide which Wi-Fi access point to connect to.

Users will find Wi-Fi connections labeled with either a Slow, OK, Fast or Very Fast after the launch. The company explains an “OK” label shows a connection is good enough for reading web pages, streaming music, and accessing social media. “Fast” and “Very Fast” labels will present better suitability for streaming video.

However, if you want to stream “very high-quality videos,” you can go through “Very Fast” labeled Wi-Fi spots. Device owners can find these labels under the public Wi-Fi names. Device owners can also disable the feature within the Wi-Fi settings menu if they prefer not to see those labels.