The Chinese Room is all set to release a console version of its cult hit video game Dear Esther.  This amazing first person game is expected to arrive to the consoles on 20th September, 2016. Dear Esther was initially launched in 2007 as a mod for Half-Life 2, available for free to the users. In 2012, the game was remade and launched as a stand alone version for computers (PC, Linux and even Mac!). It is after four long years that this game has evolved to the console level and the wait seems to be worth it.

Dear EstherDear Esther is based on a minimalist gaming approach where the players walk through a barren uninhabited Hebridean island. As an interactive ghost story, players explore the island in first person mode. The gamer is made to search for his character’s existence, uncovering his memories of loss, pain, love and guilt. The game can get you immersed in a rare emotional pull of the story, which is further supplemented by graphics and soundtrack.

Since its boot as an independent game, Dear Esther has achieved critical acclaim and has received several awards. It has hit over 100,000 sales and with the advent of new version, more purchases are on the block.

The thirst now ends for the console gamers as Dear Esther: Landmark Edition arrives next month for PS4 as well as X-Box One. In this port, The Chinese Room has teamed up with Curve Digital, a trusted game port company.

After arriving to consoles, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition would also be released for computers too. As a gesture to the existing game players, the new version would be be free to access.

Prior to launch of console version of Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, The Chinese Room released another first person game named Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on Windows and PS4 platforms. Released in April, 2016, this game is considered to be inspired from Dear Esther in terms of its theme and gameplay.

Post release of the game, the Chinese Room also plans to hold a live event in London on 14th October, 2016. Tickets for the event are already available and can be purchased from here.

The original game is available on Steam, while its soundtrack can be purchased via BandCamp.

You can catch the trailer of how the computer game version of the game looked and review it in the comments section.


Catch the teaser of the Landmark Editon here: