who dies next app

A group of German students developed an app to guess who dies next on Game of Thrones. All you Lannister and Stark fans out there, it’s time you can predict is yourself using the app these students have developed using an algorithm. Ladies, it is time to know if your favorite Khaleesi is safe at the Dothraki sea or not. Use the who dies next app now.

According to these students, the algorithm is intelligent and can predict based on the current story-line, who dies next in the series. Will it be the most hated Ramsay Bolton, Petyr Baelish, or the hated bitch Cersie Lannister. See how these students made a really interesting class project that will help fans worldwide predict who dies next from this app. Bless you with distinction, I’d say.

Game of Thrones, the HBO fantasy series, is famous for shocking viewers with death scenes. The narrative is filled with central characters dying, either being beheaded for treason or killed purposely by force or using deceit at a wedding. A new app is being developed to anticipate before George R. R. Martin tells us who he is going to kill in the forthcoming books. Season 6 is going to premiere on 24th April and you can guess, predict who is going to die in the very first episode with this app.

So, get into the fantasy mood of A Song of Ice and Fire and predict who will Rest in Peace and who will conquer the Iron Throne.

Check out the findings of the who dies next app here.

Tell us in comments who you want to win this war and whom do you want to die asap.