Global sport apparel and accessory leader Nike has recently premiered a 63 second film on Sister Madonna Buder. Known as the Iron Nun, Sister Buder is 86 years old and completed over 45 Iron Man triathlon. She is now part of Nike’s Unlimited campaign, and has been featured in the “Unlimited Youth” video. Remarkably fit than most of the youth, Madonna is a living example of grits, guts and gumption to a healthy lifestyle.

Iron NunThis film is a creation of Wieden + Kennedy Portland and features Oscar Isaac’s (The Force Awakens fame) voice. It is vividly spread between her daily schedule of praying, to her career feat of participating in IronMan triathlon.

A senior Olympic triathlete, Sister began training at the age of 48. She made her triathlon debut at the age of 48, and at the age of 55, appeared at her first IronMan race. Just like a physical challenge should be, her epic journey to fitness has been covered with sweat, injuries and broken bones. Still shooting her inspiration levels to even more awesome, Buder says that if life doesn’t have any challenges, it isn’t worth living.

She further adds that: Only failure is not trying as putting the effort towards success itself is a mark of success. She now has several records and achievements in her name, some of which are:

  1. The Oldest woman to complete the IronMan Triathlon.
  2. Inducted into the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame.

She has also authored a book named Grace to Race that details about her secrets to endurance and how age is just a number for her.

Being associated with Nike for this campaign has fetched this humble lady a worldwide respectable status. Nike, arguably, might have pulled in one of the best advertisements ever.

Apart from Sister Buder, various other premier athletes have been covered under the Unlimited campaign.  Follow Nike’s other amazing videos of the campaign on their YouTube channel.

Start working out, get fitter, take challenges, feel proud even when you fail, make every effort count. Defy the conventional, be extra-ordinary!!