The strange gamma bursts contain quintillion bits of information, according to Dr. John Ball, an astronomer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


A research piece titled “Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs)” claims that the two-millisecond burst is actually alien signals sent out by extraterrestrials in an effort to make contact with life outside of the universe.

The scientists label the phenomena an event which occurs when a massive star dies and implodes to form a new black hole. However, some astronomers claim the intense explosions could be an alien activity’s result.

To transfer information, the deep space emissions require an astonishing amount of energy as it only lasts for few milliseconds.

Mr. Ball stated that the strange gamma bursts could carry 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1×10 to the power of 18) bits of information. He says, “this is comparable to the estimated total information content of Earth’s biosystem — genes and memes and including all libraries and computer media.”

“The temporal shape of the bursts at the transmitter is probably a simple pulse and the complex shapes that we see are due to distortions en route primarily gravitational lensing.”

Mr. Ball said that gamma-ray supports the widest practical communications bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum and has the ability to send a huge quantity of information over intergalactic distances. He believes that the gamma-ray bursts can carry enough information. The GRBs propagate enormous numbers of spores and take only a minute percentage to survive, Dr. Ball said.