new spiderman game

New Spiderman game? What? When? Where? Nothing is official but the leaked info seems to be flooding on Twitter and gaming forums, that Sony PlayStation 4 will get the New Untitled Spiderman game and it will be launched at E3. Gamers are already psyched about Ubisoft’s E3 event and there is a lot going on in the Playstation world. PS4.5 codenamed Neo is also on the cards but no specific details are out yet. Maybe Sony is scared of that company-wide document leak and has made its security tighter since then. Coming to the trailer of this new Spiderman game, we do not have much to say about it but it has to be like Sony’s last dope title from Batman series. Following the Spidey films, the storyline, fandom and love has been stronger than ever. Also, the surprise entry in Captain America film seems to have caused some stir too. Fans are missing Spiderman on their favorite console and it is about time.

But you might argue that Activision has the rights to Spiderman franchise, how can Sony make a game? It is definitely some well-kept secret which will be announced at E3. E3 will be big onVR, be it Oculus titles, PlatStation VR titles.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a really enjoyable new Spiderman game for PS4