Around 200 workers completed their final shifts on Thursday at Carrier Corp. in Indianapolis in the contemporary round of lay off at a plant President Donald Trump explored in December 2016 to promulgate a deal to save jobs and intercept its closure.

Under duress from the latterly elected Trump, Carrier and its parent company United Technologies Corp, shed its plans in late 2016 to shut the plant and relocate 1,400 factory jobs to Mexico. Likewise the company accepted $7 million in state tax breaks to stay in Indiana.

Trump eulogized the deal in which he vociferated that 1,100 jobs would be conserved as a model of how he would propel American companies to retain jobs in the country.

Trump was indeed successful in rescuing hundreds of jobs in Carrier, but the manufacturing employees who are staring at the unemployment say they felt disappointed by a deal that commenced as presidential campaign resembling cry but the turnout was less.

Carrier said that 1,100 employees will prevail at the factory maintaining its deal with Trump. They involve 730 manufacturing jobs and about 300 engineering and administrative positions that were constant.

However, Carrier also lay off 338 manufacturing workers in July and another 215 this week. Those jobs are being taken up by company’s plant in Monterrey, Mexico, where workers can earn about $3 an hour. Renee Elliott, 45, who supported Trump in the 2016 election and was among those being given rest to on Thursday, said that he did save jobs but not mine. He did not save jobs of manufacturing employees but those of office personnel.