Samsung commits to enable the activated FM radio chips in its upcoming smartphones in the U.S. and Canada. The news was announced by NextRadio, makers of a smartphone app that lets you listen to local FM radio by showing album art, station logos, and song & program details on your Android or iOS device.


NextRadio indicates that FM chips allow easier connection or interaction between users and radio signals that can help save their lives in emergencies. The addition will enable users to listen to FM radio to easily hear their local stations as well as useless battery and data compared to streaming music.

FM radio is easily accessible because it doesn’t depend on the Internet and can reach rural areas where broadband may not even be available. Anyone who has the proper equipment to pick it up can freely use it. For that reason, the nation’s emergency alert system prefers terrestrial radio as a key component as it is a solid way to transmit important information, like storm warnings and situation updates to anyone who don’t have Internet access.

Samsung is one of the top Android manufacturers, so it’s good to see the company preparing to enable the FM radio chips in its upcoming smartphones. People in the U.S. and Canada will get more options and they will be able to listen to FM radio on their smartphones. Other companies including Motorola, LG, and Alcatel will offer FM radio access on their phones.