The US President Donald Trump is trying on boosting the plans of his administration to promote economic development in rural communities, seating at the national college football championship game.

On Monday, President Trump is set to become the first president of the quarter century for addressing the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention. He will be heading to Tennessee on same day to appeal to key demographic, farmers who helped him the most for being elected, as promoting his administration’s tax law and previewing a recent White House strategy that helps rural America.

President’s special assistant for trade, agriculture and food assistance on the National Economic Council, Ray Starling said in a statement that, “What we often see communicated about rural America is that there are these isolated pockets of despair that are beyond hope or recovery. Central to the report will be the assessment that the provider for equalization among rural America is connectivity; that high-speed internet should remain a high priority for the administration.”

The report is calling for the expediting federal permissions to allow the broadband internet expansion in the rural communities and for simple for providers to locate cell towers on the lands of federal government.

An executive director at the Farm Bureau for public policy, Dale Moore said that, “Trade has become an increasingly important and substantial part of the Ag economy. So anything that causes a ripple in that can have not just little effects but significant effects.”