One of the most awaited games of 2016, Battlefield 1 is set to release worldwide on October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Battlefield 1 is developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fourteenth installment in the famous Battlefield series.BF1_KEYART_FINAL_1920x1080-1200x675The first person military shooter game is going to face Call of Duty Infinite warfare which is of the same genre. Battlefield is currently leading the race to defeat its COD counterpart.


Battlefield 1 focuses on the World War 1 and it follows the stories of multiple soldiers. The developers have said the game will feature lesser known elements of the Great War. The game takes us back to the breathtaking war experience. It is inspired by real events.


Battlefield 1 is a typical first-person military shooter. Players can make best use of World War 1 weapons such as automatic and semi-automatic rifles, bolt action rifles, mustard gas and flamethrowers to combat enemies. Melee combat has been further improved. Melee weapons include sabers, trench clubs, shovels etc. The game includes some interesting stealth missions as well. The weapon customisation will be more dynamic. Players are going to take control of heavy armoured tanks, aircrafts, battleships, horses and zip line during the combat. There are several classes of soldiers in it such as assault class, Medic class, which is going to revive the allies, Scout class, Support class, Elite class and many more.

The game’s multiplayer is set up to include 64 players. This will result in a more realistic battle arena. Multiplayer maps are very dynamic and they are to be based on locations around the world.


Battlefield 1 is powered by the Frostbite 3 Engine. In the trailer and the gameplay teasers, the graphics look absolutely stunning. They are eye catching and visually top-notch. The faces of the characters look real. The game also includes dynamic weather. During the single player as well as in the multiplayer, the weather too will change during the warfare.


Since the launch of its trailer, it has become one of the most awaited game. The response of the game is very positive. Its trailer was the most liked trailer on YouTube with over 1.9 million likes. EA is confident that the game will sell around 14 million units in the first year of its release.


Everything is set now for the release. Battlefield 1 is expected to provide a new dimension to military shooters. The Beta version has also released and it is receiving good reviews. The return of World War shooter to the next-gen is an exciting prospect. We still have to wait to make a final call on it, but it is definitely going to be a hell of a game.