After enough delay, your favourite summer show The Great British Bake Off is back on television. There had been a slight delay in airing of the seventh series of the show due to the Olympics; however, it is back with a bang.
The Great British Bakeoff 2016 on Air

The popular reality show begun in 2010 and reached 14.5 million viewers in 2015, with an expectation for the number to rise this year. The Great British Bake Off is known to have made an impact in the careers of many of its participants. For instance, last year’s winner, Nadiya Hussain, has been named one of the 500 most influential people in the UK by Debrett’s.

Increasing the interest level of the viewers, the latest season will have a nurse, church minister, teacher and banker among the 12 contestants battling against one another. The 12 contestants in this year’s Great British Bake Off have been controversially described as the most polished in the competition’s history, with each of them already having web pages ready for advertising.

The popular opinion till date has been that the Great British Bake Off is one of the calmest reality TV show around, with the least amount of drama– but the pressure seems to be ramping up a bit this year and a turn of events is expected.

This series will be having eleven episodes with the first week being the cake week. It is surprising to see in the first episode of the season, that Paul Hollywood, one of the competition’s judges, opens the show by telling viewers that he and Mary Berry will take this year’s series “back to basics”, they will be setting simpler tasks, but judging them more rigorously.

If this wasn’t enough to peak the viewer’s interest, the bakers, right in the first week have been forced to throw away their prepared cakes and start again from scratch. The competition, as one can see, is about to get tougher than anticipated.

Hollywood told the media that the judgment is going to be on basics in this series with the competition challenges being easier. Although the challenges given will be comparatively easier, the judgment is about to get stricter. He also added a few clues about what to expect. “There were some strange tea flavours and they were infusing them to bake cakes,” Hollywood said.