The largest company in the world is experimenting in tested waters and that is a positive factor. The ever increasing provocation from online retailers is shoving Walmart to be a massive operator in the digital world.

Walmart chairman Greg Penner on Thursday at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou, China said that for them the huge part was being insecure or paranoid. They can perform extremely well in face of the competition. If that is the case then mega-retailer is blessed by both. It now possesses two massive online retailers focusing its fundamental business.

For some time now Walmart, No. 1 on Fortune’s Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies with $486 billion in sales last year, has been functioning to attune its procedure to figure out the menace posed by

The self-sufficient store possessed more than 50% of all online retail sales in the U.S. last year and pursues to develop at a sharp pace. With its procurement of Whole Foods, Amazon brought attention to the fact that it is engendering the fight for consumers to Walmart on its own turf—physical stores.

Amazon’s market value has surged above $550 billion, exceptionally above Walmart’s stock market value of around $290 billion in the face off compelling returns for Walmart’s shares this year. In China Walmart has another powerful contender assimilating in the stores business: Chinese online retail titan Alibaba.

Alibaba declared in November that it was infusing $2.9 billion to obtain a 36% stake in Chinese hypermarket operator Sun Art, which has some 400 stores in China, alike in Walmart’s superstore.  Alibaba proposes to generate a linked retail experience for shoppers into their smartphones and their local stores.