50% tax debate

Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple started this 50% tax debate, when he said in an open statement that,”I don’t like the idea that Apple might be not paying taxes the same way I do as a person, I pay over 50 percent of anything I make in taxes, and I believe that’s part of life and you should do it.” Apple, the most innovative company on this planet, is loved all over the world for making extremely user-friendly gadgets be it phones, computers or music players. But since this is that matter of finances and paying taxes to the government, the company’s views and plans differ from its current leader to the one who started it.

According to Oxfam’s report, Apple is the biggest offender in tax evasion and it cannot be taken lightly. According to corporate tax slab in the U.S. it charges 35% to companies, but with evasion strategies, these companies pay less than 30% tax every year, thereby not paying their total fair share.

Yes, Steve Wozniak, when prompted Apple should pay 50% taxes like he does, Tim Cook quickly came with a reply. In his 60 minutes interview, Tim Cook called tax evasion rumours to be political crap and said the company paid everything to the government in the form of corporate taxes. The 50% tax debate is not settled yet, where Apple’s CEO, co-founder and NGO’s like Oxfam are trying to do the right thing for themselves. While Woz is being humanly correct, Tim is being corporately correct and Oxfam is being socially correct.

What are your thoughts on corporate tax evasions? How would you thing treasury department would handle this situation of $1.3 trillion being stashed in taxes by top American companies.


  1. Simple. If it’s not illegal it’s OK. Not sure what the problem is? If you don’t like how the tax system works call your congressman… period! Let’s not make this more complicated than it has to be. What’s Tim supposed to do pay more than is legally required?

  2. It goes further than just not paying taxes. Apple shifts it’s money to offshore accounts then borrows money to pay the investors and claims back the taxes on the interest it pays on the loans. Try that if you are an average taxpayer.

  3. It is not about what we think about companies not paying taxes, this is the wrong question. It is about what we think about governments not legislating so that companies pay taxes. Cameron and Panama Papers anyone? The EU Finance Ministers of Germany and Austria vetoing that Multinationals publish how much they pay in tax for “efficiency reasons”? The list goes on and on. Tim Cook is right saying: Apple pays what they owe. If you want Change, don’t vote for any political party you believe is intentionally stopping Change.

  4. Does Apple soffer or is it not profitable? I don’t think so.
    Thus should contribute to taxes fairly,not using offshore tricks or any kind of trick.
    I understand “stay hungry” but I would add “be fair”.
    Being the most lucrative producer of the most expensive common a available phone, tablet and computers should reflect in paying all by plan taxes.
    I can’t accept that the big most lucrative company in thè business, is then using these outlaw or borderlaw tricks to avoid to pay taxes. This for me it is being too greed.
    No good Apple. You should pay and the supposed way all taxes. This honest businesses do. This honest corporations do. And this is what we expect big corporation to do.

    • All people want is fairness. Making huge profits by creating a product that loads of people love (and are happy to pay over the odds for) is good business. Well done Apple. I don’t like the products, but my wife does, so we have bought loads of Apple stuff.


      …Pay the damn taxes. Keep the countries where you flog your products supported financially. Punt a slightly smaller dividend to your shareholders but do some good in the world. Help the schools, the NHS, the older generations, the national debt (and, OK, the military I guess) but become both corporate success stories AND society role models.

      If you don’t, people like my wife begin to think twice about the whole Apple/Amazon/facebook tax thing where it’s obvious these companies provide a good service but fail to pay their way as everyone else does – and they start to spend elsewhere.

      Well, one can hope…

  5. you people are so blind. it is not apples fault that countries cant manage their people let alone their money. you buy the pructs and if you dont like that they use smart business sense then dont buy their products. if you need help with money how about you go to collrgr, learn engineering and go work for apple. imdtead you sit here and complain thry sre nkt paying theur fair share. as far as im cincerned they pay $300 million plus i. taxes and you want them to pay more? im sorry my friends but apple was nit built on being a charity they were built to make money. once again it is not their responsibilty to take care of anyone but their worker which thry do extremely well. im sick of people complaining about bug business because of hiw rich and successfuk they are. if you want a g6 airpllane and rolls royce then by all means go out and work for one and come up with a good business idea. nut if you haye big bhsjness then go build your own phone and chalkenegr spple. stop sitting on your asses complaing about how hard life is when its you and nit the bug businesses holding you down. if your fully capable of working then do it. dtop asking for handouts because you had a roigh chuldhood and csnt handle work or collrgr. this is nkg apples fault, it s your faukt. you soend the momey and apple does wonderfully planned tax strategies to make the modt for its sharehoders which if you worked would be a financial comlany investing money for your retirement. life is about workin for what you want and if you want very little then work very little but to expect to work very little and have what everyone else has…… thats just plain idiotic.

    • by the way there dhould be a law limitjg the government to a max tax of 50% on any indiviufal. we dont work to support thr government or poor people, we work for ourselves and choose to spend our money the way we want. no government shoukd be treated like an ex wife and no government shoukd ever take 50% of anyone or corporations profits…. thats just flat out wrong.

  6. Apple owes it to their shareholders to maximize profits, in anyway they can. The tax system is a “game”. It’s so deliberately complex and it’s constantly changing. Politicians use it as a political payback system for their donors, on both sides of the political isle. Since it is so massively complex, large companies have an army of people that are paid to navigate the system. If you don’t like it, demand the system be changed and simplified. Neither party wants it changed though, they use it for political gain, usually in tiny unnoticed ways to regular people. There is a cause and effect to every change made. So called plugging a loophole opens another one somewhere for someone else. Look at Obamacare, it’s the same way. Meant to cover the poor the entire bill gets handed to the middle class.