The Federal Communications Commission docket for its abolishment of net neutrality directive is forfeiting something: more than 50,000 protestations that internet customers have categorized against their ISPs since the rules came into existence in 2015.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) could obtain the work of net neutrality accusations from the FCC through a public records request but vociferates that it has not been able to persuade the FCC to necessitate the FCC to involve them in the repeal docket. NHMC General Counsel Carmen Scurato said that it looks as though commission has gone far ahead to disregard these documents and not involve them into the record.

This is the most recent discourse between the NHMC and the FCC over net neutrality complaints. The NHMC filed a Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) request in May for protests that internet users lodged against their ISPs and for the ISPs’ responses to those complaints.

The FCC originally declined to liberate all of the protestations but finally observed with that facet of the NHMC’s request and produced nearly 70,000 pages of records. The FCC has not yet produced to the NHMC the broadband provider’s answers to the protestations.

The NHMC assembled the documents it procured from FCC public at this web page and the FCC has attached the documents on its website. But the representatives at the NHMC proclaim that the protestations should be in compliance with the official record in the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules. The protestation may showcase that the reversal of net neutrality rules is fallacious.