Almost every one of us comes across lower back pain at some point. For the majority it halts on its own. However, for 20 percent of patients back pain remains for year or more. It is the second most customary source of disability in the U.S, according to the National Institutes of Health.

A group of researchers from Sapienza University in Italy maintain they have deciphered an answer to at least one form of enfeebling back uneasiness after their tests left the maximum patient’s pain free. Contenders in the eighty person research described enduring back pain for 3 months; exercise or medication did not mitigate trait. Their distinct detection was herniated disc – a periodically distressing state in which the rubbery cushion between vertebrae becomes upset exasperating nearby nerves.

The group was subjected to a nominal meddlesome strategy, CT-guided pulse radiofrequency, in which a probe was thrust and an electrical current distributed to the area for ten minutes. Dr. Alessandro Napoli, lead author of the study said that the probe emanates a humane electrical energy, so there is no thermal injury. Succeeding this therapy inflammation and pain diminish totally. With composure of the muscles, the space between the vertebrae rejoins.

Of the 80 patients medicated, 81 percent were liberated of pain one year after a single 10-minute remedial session. Six patients needed a second pulsed radiofrequency session. Ninety percent of patients could circumvent surgical treatment.

Dr. Jacqueline Bello, chief of neuroradiology at Montefiore Medical Center, New York said that changing the electric field alters nerve root conduction that can possess a long standing effect.