call of duty app-min

While China’s video-game market is thriving on iOS and it is soon to exceed the U.S. as the primary market, there is another good news in the mobile game world. Call of Duty: Heroes, the mobile game launched in 2014 has crossed 30 million downloads this week. This calls for a celebration at Activision Blizzard. The game is available on platforms like Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon’s Appstore, Windows Store. The game also got a new upgrade which makes enhances the ability of the players using new perk system. It is the first time in Call of Duty series that incorporates features of console and PC to the mobile app. These are called Challenger coins that players collect and then use to enhance heir ability in the game.

While Call of Duty family is winning hearts since 2003 on PC as well as consoles, but it is really the future of gaming when such action packed and mission oriented games are being played on hand-held devices. The smashing number of downloads not only will motivate Activision in launching more mobile titles but also encourage other game developers and publishers to try their hands at combat and strategy mobile apps.

Call of Duty: Heroes app though free but comes from a team that made over $15 billion dollars. If you are a mobile gamer, there are many exciting things coming out from Activision Blizzard. The strategy games category on mobile is competitive and with special updates and so many downloads both developers and players get motivated. We never know when it can bump the category with new games as the untapped potential of strategy mobile apps is over $36 billion.

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