The debate that uncurbed intake of fats and sugar is detrimental for the heart commenced in the 1960s. This was succeeded by several studies that proved how sugar can mangle the important organs of body with time.

To the extent of swaying the results, the sugar industry too pitched in with financing and assistance for these studies and therefore ended up altering the results. The result showcased that fats were wrong doers. However, now it’s noted that sugar is factually far more detrimental than fats.

Researchers from University of California at San Francisco issued a novel report that this week in the journal PLOS Biology in disclosing that the historical documents showcase the sugar industry was responsible for concealing the accurate consequences of these studies from the common man. Their report is titled, “Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research – A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents.”

The UCFS gathered the interior documents from the sugar industries from 1968 and discovered that the Sugar Research Foundation which has been interconnected with the Sugar Association proceeded with many animal studies. They required investigating if sugar consumption was linked to heart disease. For this they provided food to the rats with a diet high on sugars. This raised the triglycerides. These are one of the elements of substandard cholesterol that is instantly integrated with the probability of heart attack or stroke in humans.

They also discovered that sugar intake is linked with rise of particular enzymes that can cause bladder cancer.