Kobe Bryant, former Los Angeles Lakers’ maestro has now ventured into the world of business. Yes, the ultimate rich retired legend has finally decided to pass on some of his hard earned money into a venture capital fund that would primarily be investing in media and tech companies.

In this $100 million investment adventure, Kobe has teamed with the 43 year old entrepreneur veteran cum good friend, Jeff Stibel. The duo have already been into investment as they have invested in more than a dozen companies since 2013, but with this announcement, they are formally into the game with more dedication and we might see a logo being launched and featured on some promising startups.

What makes this VC click is the ideology with which both these men have followed all through their lives. Kobe is known for toiling hard into preparation and striving continuously for better performance. Jeff, formerly listed into Business Week’s “40 under 40”, has wide experience in growing multiple number of companies and having lead a successful entrepreneurship and leadership programs for more than a decade.


The grit and knowledge, when combined, has always resulted in long successful journeys, which probably is the outlook of Kobe and Jeff right now. Hence, every penny from this VC fund would be invested wisely in promising companies only.

Prior to announcing this, Kobe was involved in NBA training to budding players and was researching, learning a lot about startups via his social group.

This is not the first time we have witnessed NBA players marching into the field of business. Andre Iguodala’s successful stint with Twice, a secondhand clothing and shoe startup, had fetched him lucrative profit when it was taken over by Ebay. America’s top Olympic scorer Carmello Anthony has also ventured into wearable devices based technology via his firm M7 Tech Partners.

This $100 million dive into business has come at the time when quite a number of Silicon Valley companies are struggling and are laying off employees. With the legend’s venturing into this, Kobe has right clinched the nerve of several ideated and struggling technocrats who might already have approached him.  Can he slam dunk his way to the top in this game of business too? Let’s wait and watch.