Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill into law putting the curtailment on new and old nicotine conveyance systems. This has resulted in a ban on E-cigarettes and vaping indoor public areas. Cuomo said that these products are merchandised as a wholesome option to cigarettes but the actuality is that they also fetch long-term hazards to the well being of users and the nonsmokers around them.  This step shuts another perilous defect in the law generating sturdier beneficial New York for all.

Specifying the absence of expansive restrictions on what chemicals e-cigarettes can entail and the amount of Nicotine they transport, the Governor’s office elucidates that these elements could generate long-term unpleasant health consequences for e-cigarette users and bystanders.

When this new measure will be implemented as New York’s new law, it will cover vaping in the State’s Clean Indoor Air Act. The all-inclusive curtailment will not be applicable for people who want to use e-cigarettes in private homes, in hotel rooms, or at retail tobacco outlets.

The possible dangers of vaping have become a matter of debate and anxiety in past few years even though e cigarettes have become a popular norm now. Many aged population of the US accepted the fact that they did not know if second hand e cigarette aerosol constitutes a risk to children.

In May 2016 the Food and Drug Administration prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, component of a wide set of new regulations the agency acquired after years of planning.