White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, vindicating President Donald Trump against withering condemnation from members of his own party exhibited a list of achievements she believes the President has consummated in his first 10 months in office.

She said that History is going to revere President Trump as somebody who assisted in vanquishing ISIS who constructed an economy that has been sturdier than ever before. He ushered unemployment to a 16-year low, generated over 1.7 million jobs since he was elected. Those are the issues that people would contemplate not comments from Sen. (Bob) Corker and Sen. (Jeff) Flake.

ISIS was degenerating when President Barack Obama left office, and the truth is that President Trump is someone who assisted vanquishing terrorist group. The most recent example being the US backed forces battling ISIS in Syria elucidated that in this month the premiere military combats in Raqqa have concluded and the city is freed from the terrorist group it once professed as the capital of its caliphate.

Defense Secretary James Mattis applauds Trump’s decision to permit commanders more scope in accepting operations on their own jurisdiction as a major alteration to Trump’s ISIS approach. Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech that those flags furl in Raqqa no more. But the thought that ISIS has been vanquished is inappropriate as ISIS kindled groups have discovered stronghold globally.

Currently 50 fighters associated with ISIS eliminated four US servicemen in Niger in a snare encouraging questions on Capitol Hill and all over the nation about the size and scope of the assignment against ISIS-linked terrorists based in Africa.