Although the fans of Bungie’s Destiny game are waiting for its expansion Destiny: Rise of Iron, now the surprise news has surfaced that the second edition of the science fiction shooting game – Destiny 2 will be released in 2017, as the report confirms citing the Bungie’s official source.destiny-rise-of-iron

Earlier, during the earnings call of Activision, the game publisher of Destiny revealed that most of the Bungie developers were working on the Destiny 2 project. Prior to this, in February, in a blog post, Bungie said about the possible launch of the sequel in 2017. Activision revealed about the Destiny 2 for the first time, about two years ago.

Earlier, rumors and analysts expected a September 2016 launch date for Destiny 2. Luke Smith, the director of Destiny’s last big expansion “The Taken King” is said to be leading the team for the sequel’s development for a 2017 launch.

As of now, the reports suggest two different names for the same game. One of the report revealed that the RPG-sequel will be named as Beyond Destiny, and another one said The Shattered Suns. Whatever it is, the fans of the sci-fi shooter Destiny should think about the Rise of Iron expansion pack that would be launched on September 20, than thinking about the content in the Destiny 2, which doesn’t have a fixed release date yet.

You will find more info on the Rise of Iron expansion as well as Destiny issues and solutions in a decent Reddit post here. He has taken the info from Edge Magazine and revealed in a Reddit thread.