President Trump had a remarkably lengthy news conference in the Rose Garden and he was vociferated by a reporter for this statement, in which he declared that President Barack Obama did not reach out to the families of massacred soldiers when Obama was President.

Trump made this declaration while elucidating why he had not yet made a statement about the four U.S. special-forces representatives who had expired in October in Niger in the course of a lethal ensnare by dozens of Islamic extremists.

Trump elucidated that over the weekend letters have been composed for the families and would be dispatched in a day or two. He also reiterated that he would be make phone calls unlike Obama. But when inquired about this he quickly retracted. He said that President Obama according to him apparently did call and sometimes did not and he could ask his generals if in doubt.

There is plethora of proof that Obama encountered the families of massacred soldiers. In 2011, he flew to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware when 30 soldiers were terminated after their helicopter was struck by a rocket in Afghanistan. He paid a visit to their families as the remains were transported home.

A month earlier Leon Panetta has been designated defense secretary. He was present with Obama on the tarmac in Dover. Panetta recollected that Obama met up with some families involved in the helicopter crash. He reiterated he had never communicated anxiety about the president not approached families.