Mei Chen who is struggling with stage 2 breast cancer has absorbed that sturdy support system and positive view point can make all the difference and can make the recovery path possible along with the correct medical treatment.

The 47-year-old Ellicott City woman assimilated it when her family aided her through mastectomy. She learned about it last year when they supported her at her first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure last year.

But the idea attained enlightenment when the gathering of supporters encouraged as Chen crossed the finish line on Woodall Street in Locust Point in the 25th annual running of the Komen race. Her time span was limited to 32 minutes which was proficient for eighth place amongst the cancer survivors participating in the contention.

The crucial statistics was 60 that imply the number of people affiliated to the running club. Chen established it last year after perceiving how much the charity event aided in uplifting the spirits. Most comrades were ready for the Sunday run which pursued a 3.1-mile course through the streets in and around McHenry Row.

Lili Wan a seven-year breast cancer survivor enlisted Chen’s Centennial Running Club last November. She said that she was not a physically agile person before but meeting Mei changed my entire outlook. Now we assemble every weekend to mingle and run. This kind of stimulation definitely boosts up the spirit.

The words may have been the truism for work a yearly event sponsored by the Maryland affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the world’s most substantial concern in encouragement of breast cancer research.