A thunder bolt was plummeted by Facebook on the virtual reality world that doesn’t entail wires or a smart phone to work. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said at a developer’s conference hosted by its VR Company Oculus that the headset could precede ahead in the future aiding Facebook transfer virtual reality to billion people.

Virtual Reality has been a crucial focus for Facebook and other prominent tech firms such as Microsoft and HTC. However, consumers have not been quite zealous. The headset inscribes two eminent problems analysts have said that become a hindrance in the way of appropriation. They are exorbitant prices and a cumbersome setup procedure.

The sum of virtual reality headsets has been lowering making the technology user friendly to a diverse group of people. This headset has created a new landmark in the history of industry by setting a $200 price minus additional gadgetry. The Oculus Go is positioned to ship early next year. It will be able to utilize all the apps presently accessible for the Gear VR, the Samsung and Oculus headset that needs a smartphone to work.

Similar to the Gear VR, the Go is devised to be for insubstantial virtual reality occurrences such as 360-viewing or short play conclaves. It will also ship with a controller that the users can grasp in one hand to point, poke or otherwise intercommunicate with the milieu around them.

The company is also launching a product named Project Santa Cruz, which guarantees to provide high end VR without wires or the exterior trackers that VR users presently have to set up around their rooms.