The country’s largest soda tax was levied and two months after it the oppressed lawmakers in Cook County are already assured to invalidate it. The tax has been tormented in its very short life by legitimate challenges, execution glitches, and a howling multimillion-dollar media battle amongst the soda industry and public health groups.

Amidst the identification of increasing public pressure Cook County’s Board of Commissioners is anticipated to vote to roll back the tax, effective from Dec. 1. It’s a triumph for Big Soda which has exhausted millions on ad purchases, lobbyists and political benefaction in the county. It’s also a second blow to soda tax movement that experienced a defeat in Santa Fe.

Supporters of the movement which involve many top public health groups former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have promoted the taxes as a symbol to combat obesity while also erecting earnings for confined administration.

But the critics emphasize that the disintegration of the Cook County tax is evidence that the national soda tax movement is mislay its impetus. David Goldenberg, a spokesman for the industry-funded Can the Tax Coalition said that Consumer indignation is off the charts. People acknowledge the fact that this tax is about augmenting revenue to stimulate proceeds and they oppose the idea of a billionaire from New York City approaching them and pursuing them what they should do here in Cook County.

The county consists of 5.2 million people and was hitherto competing with budgetary desolation and extensive voter exasperation with state and local government when the board voted when levied one-cent-per-ounce tax on soda and other sugary drinks.