As we are busy chasing our dreams there is one thing that is constantly bothering us. Due to change in the lifestyles of the people like most of us are now leading a sedentary life. At the same time our body clock is getting adjusted to a nocturnal mode where we compromise on our sleep and eat unhealthy food. All this is reflective of having deteriorated mental illness.

We have to ask ourselves the question that have we been able to bring to the table to discuss it. This is definitely not an issue that we yet comfortable talking about it in the public. The reason for this being the stigma attached to it. Even today people undergoing trauma of mental disease are humiliated socially repudiated.

Social desertion is a major factor that we do not speak about mental illness in public. World Health Organization (WHO), recently announced depression as the paramount cause of ill health or disability around the globe. Last decade has witnessed a disconcerting increase in the number of patients.

The latest approximation by WHO shows that there has been a rise of 18 percent in the period of 2005-15 in patients suffering from depression. Today more than 300 million people are suffering with depression.

WHO Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan said that these new figures are a wakeup call for all countries to re consider their perspective to mental health and regard it with the seriousness it deserves.