So it has been 15 days since the release of Suicide Squad now and the critics haven’t stopped bashing it. While the initial response to the movie was good, it eventually fizzled out. While I personally did not hate the movie, but I didn’t like it either. When the movie was good, it was good. However, when it was bad, it was really, really bad. So here is a critical analysis of what went wrong for the movie.Suicide Squad


    Suicide Squad had one of the most generic plots a movie can get. It is high time that film makers dropped this “World domination” cliche. It has been run into the ground. Marvel and Fox understood this fact. Both their latest movies (Civil War & Deadpool) took the fighting back to street level. People and critics are bored of this. What we now need is a relatable plot without any cliches.


    Ever since the first trailer of Suicide Squad was released over a year ago, it had a hype surrounding it. The repeated teases further added to the hype. All this hype created huge expectations. When the movie failed to deliver, nearly everyone was miffed. The end result? People bashed it to vent their frustration.


    As if all this over-hype was not enough, WB decided to indulge in false marketing too. They did the same with Batman v Superman and now WB had done it again. Nearly every trailer featured the Joker. It sets up the Joker as a prominent player in the Suicide Squad. What eventually happened was that Mr. J got barely 15 minutes of screen time. To add fuel to the fire, spoiler alert, they killed off Slipknot pretty soon too. All this led to a giant misunderstanding amongst the public. So what did the public do? What it does best, bashed it.  


    Another thing that WB refuses to learn is that too many cooks spoil the broth. Suicide Squad was packed to the brim with characters. While this gave the audience variety on the screen, it deprived it of substance. There was just too much going on. Apart from Harley Quinn and Deadshot, no one even had a fully fleshed backstory. It was just all messed up on screen. Yup, everyone had great chemistry. But good chemistry cannot cover for lack of backstory. The movie left most of the people wanting more, but not in a good way.


    In a movie about bad guys, WB made a surprising choice of not going R Rated. The prospect of limiting their audience was one key factor for not going R Rated. The fear that Suicide Squad won’t earn was baseless. In May, Deadpool had clearly showed us that if a movie is good, the audience is going to see it. The R rating would have taken the under 18s out of the equation. However, this segment of the population does not even make 5% of the audience. The R Rating would have suited everyone better. People would’ve gotten to see the real Suicide Squad, not the toned down version.


    Another recurring issue with WB is its lack of proper editors. Since it has the sole editing rights, people would expect a better job of editing. However, that is not the case here. Batman v Superman got a negative response to its dark and grim tone. So WB decided to give Suicide Squad a makeover. The movie was reshot in 3 months. The overtly dark tones were edited out and a wise cracking theme edited in. It was a baffling decision. If you are making a movie on villains, go full dark. We don’t need funny villains. We need charismatic ones and Suicide Squad had enough of them The end result was a mish-mash of two polar opposite themes. People could sense two different movies playing out in front of them.

These are some of the major reasons we think that let Suicide Squad down. Will WB learn its lesson? Only time will tell. So did you like Suicide Squad? Or did you too feel that it was a let down? Do let us know in the comments section. For more such articles, keep following this space.