North Korea hurled another ballistic missile over Japan on Friday, an undeviating provocation to the US and China after a new sanctions resolution embraced by the United Nations Security Council which was a conscious effort to compel the country to stop expediting nuclear and missile test.

The missile was not pointed towards the Pacific island of Guam which President Trump had notified could induce a military response after North Korea intimidated to fire missiles into the sea next to the island last month.

Alternatively it blasted off from Sunan International Airport north of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, and soared about 2,300 miles directly east maneuvering over Northern Japan and plummeting  into the Pacific Ocean, according to the South Korean military. American officials hurrying to gauge both analogy and importance of the test, making it clear that North could attain the base with ease.

An American official said that it was an experiment shot and was a deterrent that the prime American bomber base in the Pacific which would be intermediate to any military action on the Korean peninsula and was closer to North’s intermediate-range missiles.

At the White House the launching coincided with the end of the working day and the top officials assembled in the Situation room to contemplate a response. However, the Trump administration decided not to counter attack by not taking out a missile on a launching pad even though it had been fueled up a day ago. Vice President Mike Pence was even put on view the images of the missile during a visit to one of country’s intelligence agencies.