Cancer cells can be detected within seconds accelerating diagnosis and assisting surgeons meticulously remove tumors. The team at the University of Texas at Austin reported that the investigation works in real time and is as precise as taking out a tissue sample and delivering it to a pathologist.

The pen utilizes a minute drop of water for analysis and doesn’t require incising of tissue. The idea behind this is to make the surgery less obtrusive and that gets every piece of tumor and leaving behind a much healthy tissue.

Livia Schiavinato Eberlin, an assistant professor of chemistry who led the work, said in a statement that most of the cancer patients after the surgery say that hopefully the surgeon has removed all the cancer out.  He also said that it is distressing when that is not the case but this technology could hugely improve the odds that surgeons really do eliminate every last sign of cancer while doing surgery.

The team contrived the pen and organized a mass spectrometer to research about compounds that make lung, thyroid, ovary and breast tumors different from healthy tissue.

James Suliburk, head of endocrine surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, who worked with the team, said that the team could provide the patient a more accurate surgery or a speedy and safer surgery. This pen allows us to be more exact in what tissue we eliminate and which one we leave behind.

The pen was examined on 250 samples of human tumors, positioning the molecular signature of each type of tumor. Tumor cells operate in a different way as compared to normal cells. The researchers have been operational for decades to utilize mass spectrometry to recognize those differences speedily.