With the full ever lasting expectations which were so high, these Hockey champ girls of U.S. went to play in Rio Olympics. But sadly, they lost to Germany. The game was 2-1 that made the Germans cheers loudly for their win. Now the Germans will be going for the semi-finals.

olympics hockey result of U.S.

During the first period of game, Germany jumped to score 2-0. The gaming was progressing in the hot temperature under the sun at the Olympic Hockey Centre in the Rio`s Deodoro district. The temperature at that time was extreme to 90s.

Germans were carrying their huge crowd along with German Vocal Contingent. These vocal Contingent were beating drums and chanting for their team. With all the support Germans held on for the win, despite of U.S. making the late score.

For U.S. it was bitter-sweet end to the Olympics. In the press U.S. coach Craig Parnham said that he is proud of whatever they have reached to. He simply loved the amazing journey. The players were contributing their best during the game and they have always given their best.

Upwards to the point the game was nearly marked by some chances which were missed by Americans during the game.

Although, the trip of Americans ended without the medal, but they have created a huge progress recently. For past two years they got up their ranking from No. 10 to No. 5. Last year they vanished Argentina with a 2 – 1 victory and made their first appearance to the Rio Olympics. Arriving at the Semi-finals of 2014 World cup in the Netherlands they came third at the 2016 Champions Trophy Tournament in London.

Whatever the facts and results may be but the efforts were high and strong by both the teams. It was difficult for both the teams to carry on especially in that humid hot temperature.