The space walkers had an intrepid time while floating outside the International Space Station. They sent five small science and technology satellites overboard and engaged themselves servicing external analysis and conducting everyday but time consuming examination and preservation.

However, the work extended for a longer period of time and Russian flight controllers stretched beyond the six hour mark to give cosmonauts time to end their task. Finally at 6:10 pm EDT the Expedition 52 commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and flight engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy shut the Pirs airlock hatch to customarily end aseven-hour 34-minute spacewalk first in more than a year by Russian cosmonaut.

Mission executives said that the spacewalkers accomplished the entire task except one, the installation of one handrail,and that no particular problem put them behind schedule. Rather, the spacewalkers took their time and rested systematically at the request of Russian flight controllers.

The spacewalk got underway at 10:36 a.m. It was the ninth EVA overall for Yurchikhin and the fourth for Ryazanskiy.Yurchikhin was dressed in an upgraded Orlan MKS spacesuit with an enhanced temperature control system, a larger feed water bag , a novel carbon dioxide measuring unit, enhanced biomedical sensors and an refurbished  LCD display panel. The MKS suits will warrant cosmonauts to expeditelonger space walks than with the standard MK-series.

After leaving the Pris module the cosmonauts recovered materials science sample pallet just outside the hatch prior to manual launch of five satellites one at a time. Circumspect to aim then down and behind the station to intercept any succeeding close confrontations.