fb messenger group calling

While encryption is all the rage among apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat etc, FB messenger at 900 million users rolls out group calling. FB Messenger is all set to become compulsory for communication with your fam and friends on Facebook. FB Messenger a few weeks back, was also in news for being pushed to users on mobile sites and apps, as Facebook is serious about its expansion, even though it has over a billion user chat app WhatsApp under its belly now. All users who did not install FB Messenger because of privacy concerns were annoyed and wanted messages on the mobile site and app back. Now Group calls, introduced during the FB conference, to make messenger hip again, FB is trying to get your attention and make its app your favorite.

Through group calling, Facebook now allows you to call your entire group of friends in a Facebook froup conversation. Just hit the phone icon, in your group conversation and you are good to go. But in an update, the social media company revealed that you can call upto 50 friends at once. The voice calls are absolutely free from Androida and iOS devices. You can try it out and find out for yourself.

While all this makes sense as Zuckerberg’s motto is to Move Fast, Break Things. The social giant is trying to compete with very popular chat apps called Snapchat, Skype, WeChat – indeed Facebook has the social advantage here. But other apps like Line, WeChat and Snapchat allow users to share content and send free messages and secure calls too. FB Messenger recently partnered with Uber to allow users to book cabs without leaving their favorite social app.

This is a step in innovation and group calling can really help Facebook exceed in communication sphere which is right now its top priority. Allowing developers to make apps in sync with Messenger can really give it the advantage it needs. Also the users on FB Messenger are rising everyday. But group calls still need to go thrugh the test of time and Facebook will interate on the basis of the feedback and result it gets.

Did you like group calling in Facebook Messenger? Or which app do you like for calling your friends. Tell us in comments now.