In a market ruled by Apple, Nexus and Samsung, LG is all set to get into tough competition with its contemporaries as it is rumored to release its new Android Nougat powered smartphone on September 6, 2016 in San Francisco flagship store. lg-v20-aperture-games

Yes, if all the news is confirmed and verified then LG V20 is hitting the stores just ten days prior to Apple’s iPhone 7. Will Apple face some consequences because of that?

We’ll have to wait for more than a month to see that. Meanwhile, LG V20 looks pretty promising as it is power packed with innovation and high end features.

A lot of customers go with the saying that we’ll only believe the day it hits the store. But we’ve got the exact date in which the LG V20 will be released. It is on 6th September, 2016 at the San Francisco flagship store. It is an upgraded version of LG V10 that was released last year. It will be powered by Android’s latest version 7 Nougat. We do not quite know about its global release as LG V10 wasn’t launched in the UK and Australia, although US and Asia market is confirmed.

Customers rely 50% on their discretion while choosing a smartphone on how it looks and feels in one’s hand. They haven’t made any major changes in the design and build of the phone. We can be assured, though, that there are a few tweaks and changes in the modular support of this smartphone. Like the previous LG V10, LG V20 also comes with a silicon skin body and steel sides.

There’s plenty of good news in this room for you. LG V20 comes with a 5.7 inch display, which may have a 1080p or Quad HD resolution. If you are familiar with the LG V10 model, then you will know that the phone comes with two screens, a 2.1 inch screen underneath the main one. This secondary screen is also present in LG V20 which is mainly designed to see time and notification.

We all know that the camera was amazing in LG V10 with its 16MP primary and 5MP secondary camera. With LG V20, they have made our average photo experience even better with a 21MP primary camera and 8MP secondary camera, be selfie ready. There is still flying doubts about its dual lens feature for the front camera

The battery is said to have a 4000mAh capacity. This is greater than many smartphones and you can enjoy a long battery life. However, it needs the special USB-C connector to charge. According to sources, it will support a 320 hour standby. Say goodbye to the days where you used to go around desperately looking for a socket to plug in your charger. With such high battery backup you can expect an entire day to be passed smoothly without any battery issues.

As mentioned earlier, it runs on Android Nougat, which will be the release of its first device too. The processor used is the fast Snapdragon 820 processor chip to boost video streaming and your gaming experience. It comes packed with a 4GB internal RAM. With so much of space and storage capacity you can enjoy an unhindered ease of performance and ease by purchasing a LG V20.

LG is one of those brands that keep reinventing and adding a touch of innovation in any product that they launch. With LG V20 they have created a 64GB built in storage and a MicroSD slot. The new LG V20 will be available in stores at a whopping 700 USD. It is expensive, but if all the features are available as mentioned then it is worth the amount.

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