Android Bluetooth Battery Indicator Coming SooniPhone has a feature that lets you know about the battery level of your Bluetooth headphones, but most Android phones don’t have this built in feature. But the good news is that even if your device doesn’t come with battery indicators, it could soon be a feature for Android.

According to the information discovered on Android open source project by XDA, Google is preparing to introduce a new feature to Android which will provide current battery status of connected Bluetooth devices, speakers, headphones and other accessories.

XDA Developer notes that, this feature is already available in some handsets like Samsung, Oneplus, LG and many more. Google is taking a step ahead in making it easier to check the battery level on Bluetooth devices connected to your phone.

If you are using an Android device that does not have this kind of feature, you’ll be able to check the battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices directly from your smartphone.

However we should point out that this type of battery indicators feature for connected devices has been supported on many custom ROMs but such a feature has particularly been missing from the AOSP.

However, a fixed date for the release of this feature is still to be decided. Before you get too excited, sadly, it doesn’t seem like the Android O will include this. Android O is almost in a finalized state. But possibly we could see it in the next Android Version that is the Android 8.1 or perhaps 9.0.